iHAB - Iowa High Altitude Balloon

iHAB High Alititude Balloon Project

The purpose of the iHAB (Iowa High Altitude Balloon) Project is to design & build a vehicle to fly into Near Space. Near space is the region of Earth's atmosphere that lies between 65,000 and 325,000–350,000 feet (20 to 100 km) above sea level, encompassing the stratosphere, mesosphere, and thermosphere. A more understandable definition would be above where a commercial airliner flies but below the realm of an orbiting satellite. The rea is of interest for military surveillance purposes, as well as to commercial interests for communications. Currently, craft that fly in near space (nearcraft) are generally high altitude balloons, blimps (non-rigid airships) and sounding rockets.

iHAB-10 - Launch Video


iHAB Team Update

The iHAB Team is pleased to provide an update to the status of the iHAB Project. To date the iHAB Team has completd 12 launches since our very first launch on Saturday - August 28th 201Ø (iHAB-1). We have traveled 781.24 miles, and been aloft for 27hrs 2min.

iHAB Launch

Flying exciting Amateur Radio based payloads, like 20M and 40M CW Beacons and VHF/UHF Repeaters. Experimenting with digital photography to produce stunning images from high above the Earth's surface, to capturing amazing hi-fed video. The iHAB Team has captivated Amateur Radio enthusiasts, kids, both young and old and ourselves as we have push technology to new heights. We have had the pleasure of partnering with QRP ARCI, Marion Homeschool Assistance Program, and Amateur Radio Clubs to provide a learning experience for anyone who has ever dreamed big!



In 2010, we began a new program called CanisterLabs. The purpose of this program is to bring the iHAB Team into the classroom. It gives students, parents and teachers the opportunity to experience Near Space. Using 35mm Film Canisters, students can build mico science experiments, learning how to design, build, hypothesize,  and analyze.


We would like to thank everyone who has contributed and supported the iHAB Project!




Help the iHAB Project by donating toward future launches. Your contributions allow the iHAB Team to continue to bring science and technology into the classroom!



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