iHAB-7 - [Sunday, October 2, 2011]

Mission Recap:


First, we are thankful for everyone who participated in the iHAB-7 launch. What a GREAT way to spend a beautiful Iowa fall day! iHAB-7 was a picture perfect flight! The propulsion team did a fantastic job getting the balloon filled to specifications, which gave iHAB-7 a perfect 5.5m/sec ascent rate. The balloon stayed aloft for 1 Hour - 51min, reaching a burst altitude of 85,290ft and traveling 33 miles down range. COLD temperature at altitude, lowest temperature recorded inside the payload reached -8 °C or 17.6 °F. The recovery team had the rare opportunity to get a visual on the payload at 8,000 feet on its decent, and witnessed it land in a freshly harvested cornfield SE of Morning Sun, Iowa.

Signal reports are still coming in on the 40 Meter beacon. UHF Simplex repeater worked as well as it could. Being a "Parrot" it is alittle more challenging to work, but some folks were able to make QSOs.

A special thank you to the Washington Area Amateur Radio Club for their sponsorship of the iHAB-7 Launch! Also, thank you to Mark Joseph (KC9DUU) - Jesse Risley (K9JLR) - Jeremy Lamb (KC9KGJ) - and Pete Lilja (KC0GPB) for chasing with us!

If ANYONE who was at the launch site, and took photos/videos and would like to share/contribute to this site, please email w0otm at w0otm.com


iHAB-7 - Mission Goals

  • First flight of NS-40 40M Transmitter
  • Operate UHF simplex repeater.
    446.ØØmhz PL 1ØØ.ØØ
    Repeater will record up to 3Øsec of uplink audio, then rebroadcast.
    NOTE: Controller is VOX controlled. It is anticipated that uplink transmissions may get clipped, so be prepared to begin each transmission with the word "check" to ensure your call is completely heard. BE PATIENT. This is a "Parrot Repeater" so each transmission is transmitted twice. (uplink then rebroadcast) BE PATIENT and courteous to stations trying to work the payload.
  • First flight of GoProHD
= Successfull = Successfull with error(s) = Failed

iHAB-7 - Flight Prediction


Burst Altitude: 25,042m (82,138ft)
Flight Duration: 108min
Down Range: 38 miles



Prediction Map #1

Prediction Map #2

iHAB-7 - Flight Recap

Recovery was successful!


Burst Altitude: 85,292ft
Flight Duration: 1hr51min


Landed southeast of Morning Sun, Iowa


Flight Analysis

iHAB-7 - Videos

iHAB-7 Highlight Video [HD]


Pre-Flight & Launch





iHAB-7 - Photos



Preflight photos below provided by Marlin Webb - WD9HZU

For a full album of his phots go HERE

Preflight photos below provided by PAUL COWLEY - KB7VML


Still frames from OnBoard GoPro HD Camera



Audio Archive (UHF Repeater)

iHAB-7 Audio Archive : 10:48 -11:18 (.mp3) Here
iHAB-7 Audio Archive : 11:18 - 11:48 (.mp3) Here
iHAB-7 Audio Archive : 11:48 - 12:18 (.mp3) Here
iHAB-7 Audio Archive : 12:18 - 12:48 (.mp3) Here
iHAB-7 Audio Archive : 12:48 - 1:17 (.mp3) Here


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