iHAB-3 - [Saturday - March 5, 2011]

Mission Recap:

First, we are thankful for everyone who participated in the iHAB-3 launch. What a GREAT way to spend a chilly winter day! iHAB-3 was a floater, staying aloft for 6 Hours - 26min, reaching a burst altitude of 79,102ft and traveling 234 miles down range. It landing in a residential area in McHenry, IL.

We received signal reports of the 20 beacon from across the United States and Canada. Many operators from Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin had the opportunity to make contacts via the VHF simplex repeater. Both mission goals were completed, and post flight analysis continues in preparation for iHAB-4 before Spring 2011.

iHAB-3 - Mission Goals

  • Demonstrate control of HF beacon from a ground based station.
    20M HF beacon (14.059mhz) will turn ON at the top of each hour, and be remotely shutoff from 55-59min after each hour. The beacon will continue this cycle until LOS.
    ON - 16:ØØZ though 1:55Z
    OFF - 16:55-15:59Z
    ON - 16:ØØZ though 16:55Z
    OFF - 16:55-16:59Z
    ect...continued until LOS

  • Operate VHF simplex repeater.
    147.5ØØmhz PL 1ØØ.ØØ
    Repeater will record up to 3Øsec of uplink audio, then rebroadcast.
    - Controller is VOX controlled. It is anticipated that uplink transmissions may get clipped, so be prepared to begin each transmission with the word "check" to ensure your call is completely heard.
    - BE PATIENT. This is a "Parrot Repeater" so each transmission is transmitted twice. (uplink then rebroadcast) BE PATIENT and courteous to stations trying to work the payload.


iHAB-3 - Flight Prediction

Burst Altitude: 28,690m - 94,127ft - 17.83 miles
Range: 169.2km (105mi), Flight Time: 3hr23

Burst Altitude:

28690 m

Ascent Rate:

3.07 m/s

Time to Burst:

238 min

Neck Lift:

1627 g

Launch Volume:

2.17 m3

2170 L

76.6 ft3



Updated: Mar 5 06:47:26 CST 2011


iHAB-3 - Flight Recap

Flight Analysis



iHAB-3 Launch Video



Audio Archive (20M Beacon & VHF Repeater)

iHAB-3 Audio Archive : 09:59 - 10:29 (.mp3) Here
iHAB-3 Audio Archive : 10:29 - 10:59 (.mp3) Here
iHAB-3 Audio Archive : 10:59 - 11:29 (.mp3) Here
iHAB-3 Audio Archive : 11:28 - 11:58 (.mp3) Here
iHAB-3 Audio Archive : 11:58 - 12:28 (.mp3) Here
iHAB-3 Audio Archive : 12:28 - 12:58 (.mp3) Here
iHAB-3 Audio Archive : 12:58 - 13:28 (.mp3) Here
iHAB-3 Audio Archive : 13:28 - 13:58 (.mp3) Here
iHAB-3 Audio Archive : 13:58 - 14:28 (.mp3) Here
iHAB-3 Audio Archive : 14:27 - 14:57 (.mp3) Here
iHAB-3 Audio Archive : 14:57 - 15:27 (.mp3) Here
iHAB-3 Audio Archive : 15:27 - 1:557 (.mp3) Here
iHAB-3 Audio Archive : 15:57 - 16:27 (.mp3) Here



QRZ Forums :


eHAM: http://www.eham.net/articles/25551


Signal Reports

Click Here for a complete list of signal reports.



iHAB-3.5 TrashBag Balloon

We had some extra helium in the tank, so we had a little fun on Sunday Monrning. We used the same Cellular GPS Tracking from the previous launch. We lost celluar reception 30 min after launch at 11,500ft, 2.5 hours later descended.

(2 hours 34 minutes) Distance: 81.6 mi

iHAB-3.5 Flight Track


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