iHAB-12 - [Sunday - Aug 4, 2013]

iHAB-12 - Mission Goals

  • Demonstrate a High Altitude Balloon Launch in conjunction with SummerFest 2013 Sponsored by the Cedar Valley Amateur Club.
  • Fly HD Video equipment (GoPro Hero 2) aimed UP
  • Fly HD Video equipment (GoPro Hero 3) aimed Horizontal
  • Fly UHF/VHF CrossBand Repeater.
  • Test new cellular backup telemetry.

Launch Location


iHAB-12 - Flight Prediction

NOTE: Flight predictions will begin T-minus 7 Days, and will be updated daily.

  • Launch:

  • Call: W0OTM-11

Flight Coverage

Follow the iHAB-9 flight online with the Interactive Mission Control application. Live video, realtime chat, and live telemetry.

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iHAB-12 - Flight Recap

iHAB-12 Recovered!


iHAB-12 - Photos

Will be posted after recovery


Media Relations


Marshall Dias (WØOTM)

w0otm w0otm.com



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