iHAB-10 - [Friday - May 10, 2013]

Mission Recap

The iHAB would like to thanks the Lemme Elementry School, Mrs Christianson, Anora Klauke and the rest of her class for participating in the iHAB-10 launch. As you will see in the highlight video, the students were super excited about being apart of a space mission. The students had the opportunity to fly iHAB CanisterLabs on iHAB-10. Each student chose from bubblewrap, marshmallows, blueberries, water crystals, and vitamin capsules.

The students then made hypothisese for what would happen to their experiments in Near Space. Once the payload was recovered, the CanisterLabs were delivered to the classroom for Post Flight Analysis. Congratulations scientists!

iHAB-10 was yet another flight of pure fun fo the iHAB Team. Windy conditions at the launch site made for a challenging fill, and ultimately resulted in an underfill condition. Our ascent rate was closer to 645ft/min rather than the 1005ft/min we were shooting for. Although, there is a silver lining to everything, underfilling the balloon allow iHAB-10 to break a new iHAB Team Alittude Record of 95,581ft. Beating the old record of 89,145ft set by the iHAB-8 launch in Oct of 2012.

iHAB-10 recovery was easy (compared to others). It landed on the sidewalk in a residential area on Hillendale Rd in Davenport, Iowa.

Aloft for 2 hours 52 min
Distance Traveled Downrange - 45.417 miles

  • Burst:

  • At: (41.59783, -90.81233)
  • Max Alt.: 95,581 feet (new iHAB Team record)
  • Flight Time T+: 131 minutes.
  • Touchdown:

  • At: (41.57867, -90.616)
  • Total Time T+: 172 minutes.
  • Down Range: 45.417 miles.

The UHF/VHF Crossband Repeater worked, but after further post flight analysis, the xmtr was set on LOW Power. I am not 100% sure what the power output is of the UV-200 on LOW Power, but I assume its 300-500mw. If so, that would explain the weak downlink signal.


iHAB-10 - Mission Goals

  • Demonstrate a High Altitude Balloon Launch for Lemme Elementery School in Iowa City, IA.
  • Fly 19 Canister Labs.
  • Fly a NEW UHF/VHF Crossband Repeater.
  • Fly NEW HD Video equipment (GoPro Hero 3).

    = Successfull = Successfull with error(s) = Failed

Launch Location


iHAB-10 - Flight Prediction

NOTE: Flight predictions will begin T-minus 7 Days, and will be updated daily.

  • Launch:

  • Call: W0OTM-11
  • T-minus: 0:16:58:14:030
  • Launch:

  • Call: W0OTM-11
  • Sunrise: 5:52a.m.
  • Sunset: 20:13p.m.
  • Launch: 09:00:00
  • On: 2013-05-10
  • Lat: 41.6626
  • Lon: -91.4875
  • Base Elev: 853 ft.
  • Using GFS from CID*
  • Requested --
  • Ascent: 1007.6 ft/m
  • Max Altitude: 84812. feet
  • Descending: 1500 ft/m
  • Burst:

  • At: (41.59477, -90.97003)
  • Max Alt.: 84678 feet
  • Radio Horizon: 358 miles
  • Flight Time T+: 84 minutes.
  • Down Range: 27 miles.
  • Touchdown:

  • At: (41.55204, -90.84437)
  • Total Time T+: 110 minutes.
  • Bearing: 102.7 deg
  • Down Range: 34 miles.


iHAB-10 - Flight Recap

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