iHAB-5 - [Thursday - May 19, 2011]

Mission Recap:

What a BLAST! The iHAB Team had a great cookout and launch! This is the first of many flight tests for our latest project called "Balloo-Merang". More about the Balloo-Merang in a different blog.

iHAB-5 staying aloft for 1 Hour - 11min, reaching a Max altitude of 18,426ft and traveling 10 miles down range. It landing in a field south of Farson, IA.

We got a visual on the payload as it descended through 3,000ft, and watch it touchdown. Although watching it actually land was really cool, the fun only started. The CutDown Module failed again, leaving 2 inflated balloons still attached to the payload. At the point of touchdown the payload began to "skip" accross the field for another mile. See the ariel photos and Recovery Video below.

iHAB-5 - Mission Goals

  • DTMF Payload Cutdown Module - View Test
    Ground based control station will cut the balloon free from the payload before reaching burst altitude. This will initiate a controlled decscent.
  • Test out the new iHAB Tracker application.
    Click Here for the NEW! LIVE Tracker
  • Use an alternate envelope. 5 - 36" traditional party balloons.
= Successfull = Successfull with error(s) = Failed


iHAB-5 - Flight Prediction

NOTE: This is a TEST flight so a full prediction process was NOT followed. Looking at the sounding data, we do anticipate landing zone being northeast of Ottumwa, Iowa.


  • Last updated:

  • Thu May 19 2011 08:28:50 GMT-0500 (CDT).
  • T-minus: 0:09:31:09:422
  • Launch:

  • Sunrise: 5:48a.m.
  • Sunset: 20:24p.m.
  • Launch: 18:00:00 CDT
  • On: 2011-05-19
  • Lat: 41.0141
  • Lon: -92.4222
  • Base Elev: 750 ft.
  • Ascent: 952 ft/m
  • Max Altitude: 50000 feet
  • Descending: 1500 ft/m
  • Burst:

  • We plan to CutDown around 30K feet. We don't have any ideas on how well these balloons will expand.

iHAB-5 - Flight Recap

Flight Analysis

Telementry Analysis - HERE


iHAB-5 Launch Video


iHAB-5 Recovery Video



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